Mediation Guide

The Wyoming Mediation Program Resource Guide--a resource guide of * family * health * education *  crisis * education * contacts for the agricultural community.


Technical Experts

The following is a list of technical or scientific experts that are qualified and experienced to gather the appropriate data or evidence to determine facts related to natural resource management.

The purpose of this list is to provide conflicting parties with an inventory of experts in selecting a Technical Review Team to assist in resolving disputes.

These TRTs may be asked to attend field trips, participate in fact finding meetings or prepare a report on the technical and scientific aspects of the matter in dispute.

These technical experts are neutral third parties:

Everret Bainter
Boyd Byelich
Kelly Crane
Tony Malmberg
Chuck Ring
Dan Rogers
Phil Shepard
Mike Smith
Andy Warren

Water Quality
George Cleek
Jim Cochran
Jack Smith

Boyd Byelich
Martin Hicks
Rich Olson
Phil Shepard

Watershed Management
Quinten Skinner

Weed Management
Roy Reichenbach

Tim Morrison

Ric Gay
Dennis Sun

Riparian Management
Sandy Wyman

Howard Pickerd


The Mediation Board provides the Technical Experts to assist parties in resolving disputes. For more information about using a Technical Expert contact:

Lucy Hansen
Wyoming Department of Agriculture
Mediation Coordinator
2219 Carey Ave.
Cheyenne, WY  82002
(307) 777-7323

Published by the
Wyoming Mediation Board
and Wyoming Department of Agriculture Natural Resources.
If you or your organization can provide any of the services included in this resource guide or have been placed in the resource guide by error please contact: Lucy Pauley at (307) 777-8788.

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